Pilot project for reuse and high-value-recycling

Circular economy research in cooperation with EUROSPAR and carla

The collaborative research project

Aus diesem Interspar wurden die Leuchten extrahiert.
  • During the revitalization of the EUROSPAR Lustenau, the TECTON luminaires and tracks were carefully dismantled in close cooperation between the electrician Klampfer and carla Vorarlberg.

  • The luminaires were checked for function and safety and packed for transportation to carla. The social enterprise of Caritas Vorarlberg uses the luminaires in the new carla store in Bregenz (reuse).

  • At Zumtobel's Dornbirn plant, the raw materials for the tracks were separated and transferred to a second generation of use via the steel supplier voestalpine (high-value recycling).

The journey from the supermarket to the second-hand store

The key insights:

  1. In the lighting industry, reliable partnerships are crucial for the circular economy.

  2. The basis for this is luminaires designed for the circular economy.

  3. Employees must be intensively trained for dismantling, testing and disassembling the luminaires.

  4. The reduction in luminous flux of the used luminaires was significantly lower than expected.

‘It is wrong to focus on energy efficiency only during the utilisation phase.’

Prof. Werner Sobek - Pioneer for sustainable architecture

449 m
576 kg
72,4 kg