Striving for CO2 neutrality

Energy-efficient lighting refurbishment for the European Patent Office

20,000 luminaires for a well-lit working environment

In the offices, corridors and underground car park: Zumtobel is currently providing 20,000 luminaires for the European Patent Office's administrative campus in Munich. In the building complex from the 1980s, specialists in patent law assess European patent applications and promote competition and economic growth in Europe by granting qualified patents. A well-lit working environment is particularly important for these challenging tasks.

Ideally equipped for the 2023 discontinuation of fluorescent lamps

Pressure had grown on the European Patent Office to replace its old lighting technology with LED-based, efficient lighting solutions, especially in light of the 2023 fluorescent lamp ban. In order to save energy from the start while also keeping an eye on costs, Zumtobel lighting consultant Kay-Uwe Dingeldein carried out detailed cost-effectiveness analyses in advance with lighting designer Stefan Maier.

‘A high level of lighting comfort and optimum light output support employees' concentration and productivity in the workplace – and contribute to a pleasant ambience in offices.’

Fred Pritschow, Project Manager at Zumtobel

Predicting the amortisation period using ecoCALC

With the help of Zumtobel's ecoCALC software, the costs of the lighting solution over its entire life time could be analysed as well as CO₂ emissions, power consumption and maintenance costs. The result: “Assuming an operating time of 1,500 hours per year and luminaire, the refurbishment costs for the office lighting will be amortised after only 7.5 years,” explains Fred Pritschow. “That's a very positive result.”

Energy demand for office lighting reduced by 78 per cent

The European Patent Office's comprehensive lighting refurbishment is making an impact: “Based on an effective operating time of 1,500 hours per year for each luminaire, we will be able to save at least 78 per cent of the primary energy demand for lighting in the offices once the upgrade is complete,” summarises lighting consultant Kay-Uwe Dingeldein. This paves the way for the European Patent Office's ambitious climate goal: by 2030, the organisation wants to achieve CO2 neutrality.

Another unique selling point with which the lighting experts from Dornbirn were able to impress: once again they have succeeded in adapting standard lighting solutions to fit a particular spatial arrangement in a customised way.