Complete resilience with up to 40 per cent less energy consumption

Forming AG

A powerhouse of light for heavy-duty industrial applications

During the renovation of two large assembly halls, Forming AG faced the challenge of replacing 400-watt sodium-vapour lamps with a future-proof and robust lighting solution. The company worked with the lighting experts from Zumtobel to find a solution that not only reduces power consumption by up to 40 per cent but is also perfectly equipped to deal with the challenging conditions of a high-ceilinged industrial production facility.

High luminous efficacy, low power consumption

Zumtobel installed the CRAFT II plus, an LED high-bay luminaire that is less susceptible to outside influences and has a significantly higher light output even though it offers considerable energy savings.

‘The CRAFT II plus luminaires have a luminous efficacy of 134 lm/W, while the old sodium-vapour lamps only delivered 65 lm/W.’

Philipp Büchler, Project Manager at Zumtobel Switzerland

Sustainability pays off

To ensure that the environmental impact of the renovation of the two large assembly halls was taken into consideration, the Swiss company brought in an external energy advisor, with the aim of significantly reducing CO₂ consumption in the production. The energy-efficient upgrade not only enables Forming AG to align with the company’s sustainability objectives, but also makes them eligible for various grants and incentives.