A light ceiling for maximum ambience

IZD Tower, Vienna

Sustainable rooms are human centric

With LEED certification in both Gold and Platinum as well as Gold ÖGNI/DGNB certification, the IZD Tower is among the sustainable office buildings in the Austrian capital. The new foyer that is tailored to its users’ needs fits with this approach. After all, a building is particularly sustainable if people can enjoy using it for decades to come. Human-centric lighting by Zumtobel further supports this goal.

From anonymity to networking

Arrive and exchange ideas. Relax and feel good. The IZD Tower’s new foyer and the adjoining atrium provide a particularly appealing atmosphere for visitors – with an organically shaped seating area, a number of spherical luminaires in a wave-like installation, vertical wooden slats and the CIELUMA light ceiling. Since the complete renovation in 2022, the use of space has gained in quality: an open, inviting room now exists where visitors were previously greeted with great anonymity by an empty floor space and a cash machine. People can wait for their appointments in a pleasant atmosphere, meet each other and exchange ideas.

‘With its sound-absorbing effect, its dynamic, stimulating light and its individual print design, CIELUMA emphasises the most important features of the new room ambience,’

Bernhard Schopper, project manager at Zumtobel

Light as in the open air

The perforated pattern is concentrated in the middle of the light ceiling and decreases at the edges. The darker part of CIELUMA is manufactured with a lower transmittance. The interplay between different levels of brightness gives the light a vivid, natural appearance – almost as if in the open air.

‘But what’s special is that every printed CIELUMA is unique,’ says Christian Gmeiner, project manager at Typico. ‘This allows us to create unusual and individual solutions for our customers.’

Optimal vision, hearing and ventilation

CIELUMA’s all-round shadow gap that draws outgoing air from the foyer further contributes to the inviting ambience it creates. Three advantages in one multifunctional light ceiling.

The hassle-free integration into the ceiling also demonstrates how well thought-out the concept is: thanks to the filling edge that is already pre-mounted on the CIELUMA, the drywall construction can connect seamlessly with the light ceiling after installation.