Refurbishment of primary school Herrenried

The renovated classrooms in the school in Hohenems are in no way inferior to the quality of the new building. Sustainability with high-quality lighting to create a better learning environment was the focus of this exemplary renovation project.

An environment conducive to learning

The MIREL evolution recessed luminaire was used here as an LED lens variant. The overall package of the luminaire family and the large number of variants in a uniform design are ideally suited to the requirements of the school environment, in both renovations and in new buildings. The stricter minimum requirements for classrooms that are also used in the evening were exceeded. The average maintained illuminance is now over 500 lx. In this building, the MIREL evolution family proves to be an integral and imperceptible part of the architecture. Supplementary blackboard lighting also ensures perfect contrasts on the vertical surfaces.

Friendly hallways

In the hallway, the old seamlessly transitions to the new. The MIREL evolution with opal optic creates an openness similar to daylight– perfect for zones that feel closed off because they do not look out into the natural environment. This friendly room feel is reinforced by the square 2LIGHT Mini downlights, which are positioned close to the wall and create a brilliant appearance.

Safety in sports

It was also possible to replace all the old louvre luminaires in the sports hall lighting using a project lighting solution. The new luminaires supplement the daylight and meet all requirements for glare, lighting level, uniformity and ball impact resistance. The extended periods of use by clubs in the evenings mean short amortisation periods for the new lighting solution.