Refurbishment for a new pedagogy

Better building quality for learning and efficient operation - shaping tomorrow's educational architecture with lighting refurbishment.

LED and networking promote sustainability and efficient processes

With the increasing use of new technologies such as

LED, lighting management, IoT and monitoring, energy consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced. The quality and value of the building is enhanced by an intelligent combination of trades combined with monitoring for process optimisation.


First choice for refurbishment

Wireless lighting control basicDIM Wireless

The majority of greenhouse gas emissions from lighting are released during its operational phase. Modernising lighting with wired or wireless lighting control improves sustainable operation, comfort and space quality. Reduced energy and lifecycle costs of LED technology with control and incentive programmes ensure short payback periods.

Resource efficient refurbishment

At Zumtobel, the Circular Design Rules not only ensure the availability of spare parts, but also include options for retrofitting luminaires with upgrade functions. This ensures that valuable resources are used for as long as possible. The luminaire conversion kits offer tailor-made solutions for refurbishment projects. The modular design of the luminaires, as implemented 20 years ago in the TECTON continuous-row lighting system, provides future-proofing and flexibility for refurbishment projects with upgrade, repairability and recycling.

Seven benefits of conversion kits for refurbishments

1) Lower investment costs compared to full replacement

2) Energy savings and reduced emissions

3) Reduced running costs (maintenance, energy)

4) Improved lighting quality

5) Conserves resources by retaining luminaire components

6) Avoidance of full refurbishment of ceilings and walls. Advantage with funds earmarked for lighting.

7) Zumtobel guarantee and CE marking for conversion kits

Our standard refurbishment kits for sustainable a process

  • CLARIS evolution

Refurbishment of linear luminaires

The MIREL/MIRAL retrofit kits are available as standard in many versions for outdated recessed, surface-mounted and pendant luminaires from corridors to classrooms: remove the old fluorescent lamp technology, install the new LED insert in the existing housing - that's it! 5 year guarantee. This makes it easy to upgrade without having to completely replace the ceiling and preserving the housing for recycling. Click here to find the right solution for you: Configurator

Refurbishment of downlights

Quickly and aesthetically cover existing ceiling cut-outs with a retrofit ring to take advantage of the miniaturisation of LED technology - the proven modularity of the PANOS family simplifies the refurbishment process and reduces the cost of lighting refurbishment. The flat ring is installed without tools and supports the innovative downlights, which quickly pay for themselves through reduced energy and maintenance costs.

PANOS Refurbishment video

Our service process - partnering in refurbishment

  • 1. Analyse the status quo
  • 2. Complete replacement or conversion sets
  • 3. Special requirements
  • 4. Sensors and controls
  • 5. Emergency lighting
  • 6. Quality inspection and approval

Volksschule Weisskirchen

With the extension and modernization, the primary school in Weißkirchen, Styria, has also repositioned itself conceptually. Open, pedagogically supportive architecture with seating stairs, open spaces, and reading galleries: In the historic school building from 1895, there is now ample space for forward-thinking knowledge dissemination.

The newly lit rooms are very bright and have a friendly appearance and a pleasant atmosphere. Unlike before, it is now always pleasantly bright in the classrooms and learning zones, even in the dark winter months, creating optimum learning conditions for our pupils.

— Karin Pichler, Headteacher

Comprehensive information on light in education

Enjoyment of learning, concentration, inspiration and creativity. Light shapes and enlivens learning environments. In new buildings and refurbishment projects, a harmonious combination of daylight and artificial light supports the diversity of didactics - from concentrated individual work to interactive group work.

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