Sustainable lighting solution – sustainable partnership

Gundeli-Park car park

A partnership for success

The car park’s lighting was modernised as part of a renovation project. For 20 years, the Swiss real estate company Wincasa has relied on the TECTON continuous-row lighting system to provide reliable, modern lighting in its car parks. In the past, the Gundeli-Park car park was lit by TECTON FL fluorescent tube lighting. Together, Zumtobel and Wincasa carried out numerous tests to find the best replacement.

‘For us, a sustainable customer relationship naturally involves giving the customer as much time as they need to make a decision and providing them with all the information and designs that they need to make it,’ says Philipp Büchler, an advisor in the team for Northwestern Switzerland at Zumtobel.

A modern and sustainable lighting concept

As well as energy efficiency, light distribution also plays an important role in the lighting of the Gundeli-Park car park. As it manages without any daylight at all, the TECTON BASIC continuous-row luminaire turned out to be the ideal solution for visitor-friendly, energy-saving lighting. The generous beam angle not only directs light over the car park’s numerous columns, it also helps to illuminate the ceiling, making the area appear inviting and safe.

Thanks to the multifunctional lighting track system, almost 50 per cent of the previous power consumption could be saved. In addition, the old continuous-row luminaires could be replaced with new models using the plug-and-play principle. This not only saved on resources but also minimised installation work. The ease with which luminaires can be repositioned or the system expanded makes these solutions sustainable and future-proof.