A campus for innovators – built for generations to come


Various aspects of a green building

A place where space is used flexibly with an eye on the future buildings that can be disassembled easily to support the circular economy, a 20,000-square-metre photovoltaic system plus heating that doesn’t rely on gas, old, regional timber and last but not least: a Zumtobel continuous-row lighting system that allows flexible, future-proof room usage. Not to mention state-of-the-art lighting controls for on-demand, energy-efficient lighting. These are just a few of the many different aspects that make the 70,000-square-metre uptownBasel a Swiss flagship project for green building. To date, SNBS certification has only been given to residential and office buildings.

A futuristic site for children and their children’s children

Zumtobel not only supplied the entire lighting solution for the futuristic site, it was also responsible for lighting design. With its incredible flexibility, readiness for future needs and compatibility with all types of luminaires and sensors, the TECTON continuous-row lighting system was the perfect fit for the dynamic, forward-thinking workplace. While workshops and production halls are fitted with functional, robust TECTON continuous-row luminaires, TECTON MIREL office lighting prevents disruptive glare on screens.

‘The builders for uptownBasel are a Basel family that do not build for their own benefit, but for their children and children’s children. Sustainability was therefore a focus right from the very first moment.’

Hans-Jörg Fankhauser - designer, architect and site developer

Lighting controls: human-centric and energy-efficient

The intelligent lighting controls are another important feature: they automatically adjust illuminance levels and give staff the perfect amount of light at any time of day, ensuring focussed work, creative exchanges and restorative breaks. ‘The settings work so well that users can’t tell the difference between artificial light and daylight. The feedback has been extremely positive,’ concludes Philipp from electrical installation company Etavis Kriegel + Schaffner AG.