Sustainable and well-thought-out refurbishment

Three reasons not to put off refurbishment any longer:

With LED technology, you can make energy savings of up to 70% in a short space of time and improve lighting quality.
Efficient lighting solutions usually pay for themselves after a short time.
Intelligent lighting controls provide flexibility for the future.

Ban on light bulbs

Many conventional light sources are no longer allowed to be put into circulation due to their high energy consumption, as stipulated by EU Regulation 2019/2020/EU.

The ban offers operators of outdated systems the opportunity to improve light quality for people’s living and work spaces. Refurbishing also increases sustainability.

Solutions for refurbishment in line with the circular economy

While the construction and early usage phase of a building is primarily about saving energy and reducing CO₂ emissions (Reduce), being able to flexibly repurpose, redesign or modernise existing spaces becomes particularly important in the second phase of the building life cycle (Reuse and Recycle).

For refurbishment projects in particular, we offer lean solutions that achieve maximum added value with minimum effort: using conversion kits as special or standard solutions, a key loop in the maintenance/upgrade cycle of the circular economy can be closed.

Lighting management

basicDIM Wireless is our solution for refurbishment. It can be integrated without the need for extensive installation work or any modifications to the building. The convenience and light quality of LEDs can only be fully exploited with lighting controls. The light scene adapts to people and the task at hand. Lighting brings the architecture to life in a dynamic way. If there is no DALI wiring available or if the integration of controls with cable connections poses a challenge during refurbishment, basicDIM Wireless is the solution to this problem. It consists of a wireless module, an app, elegant wall switches as additional manual control elements, and sensors.


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