Refurbishment Kits

Our special or standard solution

Advantages of our refurbishment kits

Instead of replacing the entire luminaire, the refurbishment kits mean that only parts need to be renewed or replaced. This has many advantages: existing resources remain in use in the long term. This promotes decarbonisation – and reduces costs. Because there’s no need to invest in an entire new luminaire. You are also spared extensive refurbishment measures on the building because in many cases the ceiling does not have to be changed or damaged. The product stays on site and moves into a second phase of use. This renewal process helps to improve the quality of light and reduce CO₂ emissions.

  • CLARIS evolution

Refurbishment kits as a special solution

Each special refurbishment kit is subjected to a feasibility, sustainability and cost-effectiveness assessment. Individually adapted conversion kits can be created for the following product families: MELLOW LIGHT IV, MELLOW LIGHT V, SCUBA, MIREL T16, CLEAN, among others. Contact your Zumtobel representative for more information.

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